Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thanks, Nanette!

Maggie loves her new clothes! She was ready for her nap in this picture-that is the reason for her distraught countenance...
But then she realized the camera was on..
Action shot.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some new faces...

Maggie has started doing this over the top/fake/very cute and funny smile-don't mind the yogurt

more zoo

Saturday Activities

The Zoo! There are penguins behind Sam and Maggie's shadows.

Maggie was pretty bored with the zoo, but Sam and I had a great time.

Breakfast at Le Cafe de Paris...

The view from Sam's office...

Hard at work.

Driving through Downtown after a good rain


Here she is after a good nap, pants halfway down and standing up. This is how I usually find her after a nap, and in the morning. Sometimes she will be standing and crying (blubbering might be more fitting here) which is very sad, and so cute; her pants falling down is a common occurence. Maggie is getting to be a very fast crawler. She will follows me around, and sometimes I will look away and she is gone, or she is right at my feet,which means I have to watch my steps very carefully.
These days she will eat just about anything, and she is as happy as ever. We are still waiting for a tooth to pop through, but they don't seem to bother her. She says hello to all her fans out there, and to Grandma and Grandpa and Great Grandma who are in Italy!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Uh Oh...

Here is Maggie in the middle of her mess making. She is now officially crawling and pulling up, which means she will need to be watched much more closely, and she is making more messes.
She is just all over the place, and is talkin up a storm. One of her favorite things to do is to shake her head back and forth, especially for Sam. She thinks it is hilarious, so do we. She is a big flirt and loves to be told how cute she is by people in stores, or on the street. We were sitting at Starbucks yesterday, and she was smiling at everyone, and just being her charming self, but we had to go and so she let me know she did not want to go, and that she did not want to be confined in her stroller. She got all kinds of sympathetic looks from all the other Starbucks patrons.

Sunday afternoon

This one is for Uncle Doug. I think Maggie shares your love of power wheel vehicles. Happy Birthday...

I love Maggie Marie


Breakfast downtown.


Here we are at Sam's parking spot at his building. Nice view, huh?
A happy baby.
Pulling up; she is getting really good at this.

More Birthday Fun

Still catching up...

Somehow Maggie kicked her pants off during the night (they are right in between those little legs). I guess she got hot.
Swinging at my surprise birthday party at Rusty and Melodie's.
Melodie's beautiful tablescape...
The guys.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

some old moscow pictures

Maggie with Aunt Merilee-her first real time to be babysat.

Merilee couldn't find the bib, but towels are even better because they have more coverage
Enjoying some delicious zwieback toast.
More toast at Aunt Merilee's.

Friday, May 16, 2008

We Did It.

We braved the streets of Boise yesterday. We dropped Sam off at work, and then went home (we took the scenic route...), and then, after a nap (Maggie) and vigorous studying of the mapquest map and street views (me), we headed to Target and the Mall. We made it without any accidents, or detours, and I am now courageous enough to explore. It is a little frightening to be on multiple lane freeways, oneways, and to be surrounded by so many cars and stoplights, when you are used to only 2 lanes, and a few lights, but we did it and we will do it again. Our outing was documented so I will have pictures up soon.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

some old videos

We're here...

We made it to Boise thanks to Sam's mom and dad (and their generosity in lending the space in their car). Our place is great. It is nice and spacious, and clean, and right across from a great park with a pool (which the geese and ducks are using as their crystal clear pond), and you can see mountains in the distance, and there is a beautiful cherry tree in full bloom in our front yard.
We really like the church we will be going to for the next few months, even though we got there about an hour late because we had a little trouble finding it. We had dinner with Sam's family Saturday night for Mother's Day; we are excited to be near them for the summer.
Maggie is doing great and sleeping through the night out in her crib in the living room, and she loved pulling up the grass in our front yard, so I think she is going to enjoy the summertime...
Sam's first day of work went well, and we are excited to explore Boise, especially the stores (Anthropologie, Target, etc. etc...)

P.S. I left the camera cord in Moscow, so hopefully we will get it soon, and I will get to post more pictures. Sorry.