Friday, August 28, 2009


(sounds like boy)
Maggie and I went to Fred Meyer today (kind of like a Wal Mart or Target with good groceries), and when we were walking back to the car she started sobbing. I asked her what was wrong and she said "moy" and pointed back to the store. She is a good shopping buddy.
Another cute thing she does is say "yea, please" when I ask her a question. Example: "Do you want some juice?" or "Is that good?".

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

caught up

OK, I think that I am mostly caught up on pictures. I still have some videos, and film to be developed, but at least these will hold you off for awhile...
Something I did not have pictures of is IKEA. It was great, but would have been better without going to the zoo (on a hot day) first. Next time I will make sure to rest up first, that store is huge.
I hope to be more consistent with posting now that we have internet...

Salt Lake City Zoo

We had a great time at the zoon in Salt Lake. But be forewarned-it is not easy to find, especially if you miss your exit (my fault-I was the navigator).
And if you do go be sure to go on the train ride, it was probably my favorite part.
They had a lot of animals, and they didn't seem miserable like they do at a lot of zoos. They even had a baby giraffe, elephant (that we didn't get to see) and baby meerkats (very cute).

the pocatello zoo

This is a porcupine. They are not cute.

That is a buffalo in the distance.

Bannock County Fair

Maggie loved the animals and was really brave, wanting to pet them and say hi to them.

birthday donut

Chocolate icing and sprinkles.

The 2nd Birthday Party

Here is my masterpiece! Maggie liked it a lot, and knew without being told that it was a monkey (Gonga to her).

Thursday, August 13, 2009


So we made it safely down to Pocatello. We filled that 26 foot U-Haul (I didn't think we had so much stuff), and got it all into our new place. We are still working on unpacking, and decorating, but it is down to the fun stuff.
We have:
gone to the Bannock county fair
gone to the Pocatello zoo
become members and shopped at Costco
gone to Idaho Fall (a town 40 minutes away that has more shopping, etc)
taped (me) and begun painting (Sam) a wall in our living room "Tomato"
We will:
go to Salt Lake City
go to Ikea (right past Salt Lake)
Go to the Eastern Idaho Fair
shop some more at Costco
We are glad to be here, and are feeling more at home in our new place every day. We miss all our friends and family, and the wheat fields and hills of Moscow, but we are excited to explore, and discover things to do around here.

PS Pictures will be coming. I promise