Thursday, June 26, 2008

She does other things, too...

Here is a picture of Maggie and her cousin Kaison watching Baby Einstein. They loved it, and it was nice for us, too. It is not that Maggie watches it all day long, it is just that is is so funny that she like it so much; it cracks me up.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our Aberdeen Adventure

We took off for Aberdeen, Idaho Friday afternoon to visit some of Sam's family. Aberdeen is where his dad grew up and where a lot of his relatives are from. Aberdeen is a small farming town of about 1800 citizens, and is 3 hours from Boise. We had a great trip with clear, sunny skies, and Maggie was content until about 20 minutes out, and then she wanted to get out of her car seat and stretch her legs.
We stayed with Sam's grandma, and enjoyed visiting with her, and delicious meals, and Maggie had a blast playing in the plastic drawer, crawling around and walking behind a little stepping stool, pushing it all around the kitchen.
We walked around town (a restaurant or two, a drugstore, a clothing store where Sam's cousins work-it had some really cute clothes, and there were a few more places we didn't visit, but it is a small town. We also went to the park, and played an all the toys-it was a lot of fun...
On Sunday we went to church with the family, and had lunch at Sam's Uncle's farm; delicious dinner and beautiful fields. We took off shortly after eating, and were enjoying a smooth trip when all of a sudden the car stopped running. Sam pulled to the shoulder, and we wondered what just happened. We tried to start it several times, and we got a little farther down the road, but it quit again. After many phone calls, a walk to see what exit we were near and trucks whizzing by, we had a plan. We would just wait it out until Sam's 2 brother in laws got to us in their truck, with a borrowed trailer for the car.

So, we were on the side of the road, when a big ol' pickup stopped to see if we needed help. We ended up loading ourselves into their truck (it was the only pastor of Hammet Idaho, his wife and their 2 grandkids. They were so kind to us, and we were so thankful that they stopped,and that they were good people... so we chatted with them at their house and played a little ping pong with the kids, until our rescuers got there. We made it back to Boise and are now borrowing cars until ours can get fixed. Sam had a very memorable first Father's Day. And we are glad to be home.
On the side of the road.
The fields were all so green.
Two girls sitting in a hot car halfway between Aberdeen and Boise

Maggie's first time on a see-saw.
Sitting in the hippo's mouth.

Great Grandma had a drawer just for Maggie, and she loved it!

Our trip to Aberdeen Idaho...

WooHoo! Fun at the Aberdeen Park.
Maggie was great for our trip to visit Great Grandma Patty and her Toevs cousins, and she got to tear up a napkin on the road, and have snacks and juice and read books...

Working Hard

Monday, June 9, 2008


A litlle wink just for you...
Here she is watching a little Baby Einstein. She really likes it, but only for a few minutes at a time. She is usually crawling, pulling up on furniture (or me), and just being busy.

She's Crazy!