Sunday, March 29, 2009

I got out the sewing machine.

And I mad a tiny backpack for my tiny girl.

It is a drawstring backpack, and I am excited that it actually works, and I think it is pretty cute.

Here is Maggie's Easter basket.

And a little Eastery scene:


Here are my little charges that I had over on Friday. We had a good time with cousins Peter and Ridley and friend/neighbor Colson.


"what are these crazy boys doing?"

Art time!

This Morning:

It is cold and snowy. This is where I was painting Maggie's Easter basket. I didn't expect it to get snowed on...

Monday, March 23, 2009


We are having springy weather here in Idaho, which means sunny and 60 degress one day, snow the next, and a mix of the two the next day. You never know what the weather will be like. And that makes it hard to dress. I want to wear springy dresses and sandals, and I want Maggie to try out her spring clothes, but it is too cold... that is why I put a new header up. It feels warm and sunny, and I am ready for summer!
Maggie is adding more and more words to her repertoire.
She now says: "bow" and points to her head, "bowl" (sounds a lot like bow), she said "I want Mama" (not so clearly), she can say "obey papa/mama", and she says "baby" a lot, and "fish","spoon", "uh-oh", and a version of "I don't know". Right now she is eating some leftover quiche at the table. When Maggie sees food she says "mmm mmm" (where could she have gotten that from?).

Sunday, March 22, 2009

U of I basketball

Maggie had a great time at the basketball game. She clapped at the right times, and stared down Joe Vandal (the large mascot guy). And, we won!

a borrowed camera

Sam's mom was kind enough to let us borrow their old camera (it isn't actually old, they just got a much fancier one), until we get ours fixed/a new one. So I am getting used to it, and I will blame the blurrines on my ignorance.

Merilee took this one in her office at Belhaven when we were down there. We miss y'all!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More at Seatac

Slowing down.


It kind of creeped me out.

They look like human organs, but huge and disturbing.

where the camera fell

Maggie was loving running on the moving sidewalks at the Seatle airport, so I thought I should take a picture. Then the camera slipped out of my fingers, and the shutter button disappeared.
However, I did get some pictures before it happened.

This is Maggie post-nap.

The bed-(or in this case my arms) head was too good.

Watching the planes, and some coffee.

I broke our camera.

And this is what happens when you have to take a picture using a bobby pin, instead of the actual shutter button.
These are from before I broke it: